DRY REDS                                                              

N.J Cabernet Franc- Rich and full of flavor!                                        

Merlot 2012- Elegant and smooth!!                                                                

Cabernet Sauvignon- Great Flavor!                                                               

Stillwater Red - Customers  Love this wine!                                                   

DRY WHITES                        

New Jersey Chardonnay- Crisp with hints of pear                                          

New Jersey Pinot Grigio - Sold out!                                      

American Riesling - A dry white with great fruity flavor!!                          


Monroeville Red - Made from Concord Grapes- fun & fruity!                        

Monroeville White - Made from Niagara Grapes -Customer Favorite!          


New Jersey Blueberry - A real taste of New Jersey!                                    

New Jersey Apple-  Made with local Fugi Apples                                                    

New Jersey Asian Pear- Semi Sweet Customer Favorite!                               

Monroeville Cherry-Made from Dark Sweet Cherries! Awesome!!     

Monroeville Cranberry - Available Spring of 2015

Monroeville Sangria - Available Spring of 2015